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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

YouTube video of the day...Haysi Fantayzee's "Shiny Shiny"

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the most annoying song to come out of the Me Decade. Seriously. Can't believe this got VH1 Classic airplay. Anecdote time: I never heard this song in the eighties. The first time was when I bought all the volumes of the "Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of 80s" in the mid-1990s. The volume on which this oddity is found also includes the fantastic "Just Got Lucky" by The JoBoxers. Can't believe that gem was featured in The 40 Year Old Virgin!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, you thought the most annoying song of the "Me Decade" would be right up my alley? LOL!!!

The song was horrible, but the video had its moments. I'd have to say the ending was the best part. You know, the stop-start thing the male singer does with his hand.

6:44 AM  
Blogger Karim Amir said...

I didn't say you'd like it--I said it would be up your alley. :)
I'm glad you liked the end. The girl's kinda cute, in a quirky eighties way.

6:16 PM  

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