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Saturday, April 08, 2006

You Tube videos of the day...

More China Crisis...
China Crisis, "Working with Fire and Steel"

This song, one of my favorites from CC, was uploaded after my last entry. Interesting cleaning-up of the song's one nasty word: "fucked" becomes "scuffed".

The Comsat Angels, "Independance Day"
The second video comes from the Comast Angels, yet another band I first heard on CFNY. The sound is Chameleons-esque and this song is hella cool. I didn't even know there was a video!

Freaky cool website I'm going to add to my bookmarks: Stuffed animal representations of all your favorite bacteria: Black Death, flu, Ebola, athlete's foot, louse, gonorrhea, ecoli, and my favorite, flesh-eating bacteria. Linky

I've seen some movies:
Proof / **
Chronicles of Narnia / ***
New York Doll / ***
Inside Man / ***
Everything is Illuminated / ***1/2
Madagascar / ***
Memoirs of a Geisha / *1/2
Thumbsucker / *1/2 (saw this one a while ago but never posted the rating)
Where the Truth Lies / * (To the person who directed this film: Who are you and what have you done with Atom Egoyan?)
Rent / ****
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but Rent might be my favorite film from 2005. Let's just say that the penguins have competition.

#26--The Communards--Don't Leave Me This Way

One of the best disco songs gets a fantastic cover treatment by Jimmy Sommerville's post-Bronski Beat band, named after the supporters of the French Commune, for those of you who remember your French history.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought I should let you know that I noticed David & David's "Boomtown" and "Clues" by Robert Palmer while tooling around YouTube earlier. Plus, a couple of Lone Justice clips. As well as some Lloyd Cole (w/ his Commotions).

Which video is for me? 'Cause I like all three of those.

The China Crisis video is a favourite from my childhood. The Canadian video shows played it to death back in 83-84. "When all is SAID and all is done..."

The Comsat Angels one didn't sound familiar at first ("You Move Me" is where I mosty know them from). But once the vocal hook kicks in, I knew it right away. I probably heard it on CFNY as well.

The Communards video cool as well. I first of them was via that Dead Milkmen song "You dance to anything by The Communards..."

All three videos seem to have a political message to them.

Is Where the Truth Lies that bad? The reaction in Canada wasn't that great, either. But damn.

New York Doll! I've been hankering to see this for some time now.

Four stars for RENT? WTF? Just kidding. I haven't seen it. But still, I'm surprised.

7:01 AM  
Blogger Karim Amir said...

I'm glad you like(d) all three. I remember you said that you liked that China Crisis song, so that was my shoutout to you. I should have figured that the Communards were up your alley. (I completely forgot about that line in "You'll Dance to Anything.")
I'm hoping that someone will post some more Lloyd Cole stuff. If I were more technically adept, I'd convert some of my VHS tapes. Somewhere I have a Night Flight interview.

I had no idea about the David and David video.

Where the Truth Lies is AWFUL!! It really didn't even seem like an Egoyan film. It's potential material for MST3K.

I had no idea about Arthur Kane's post-NYD life. Interesting and bittersweet...

Rent: I laughed, I cheered, I cried.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing, but I, too, have no idea how convert videos. And I have stacks of VHS tapes. I mean, I have an interview with Laibach from 1989 that's just dying to be uploaded. :D

I couldn't help but notice that Night Flight gets name dropped a lot in the You Tube comments section. Must've been a highly influential show.

I'm coming across a lot of your faves on You Tube. Since my last comment I spotted a couple of videos by Peter Godwin (Images of Heaven).

A Japanese kid named S1 seems to have the best obscure '80s selection (they uploaded your China Crisis and Blancmange videos). Anyway, he/she's got about 500 clips uploaded.

MST3K? Wow, that bad, eh?

6:48 AM  

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