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Friday, March 20, 2009 update.

Okay, not much going on in Karim Amir world. What am I going to write about tonight? How about that old blog standby, You Tube videos?

China Crisis, "Best Kept Secret"

Love this song off of What Price Paradise?, yet I have to wonder who was in charge of CC's music videos during this time?

54-40, "Baby Ran"

Why am I posting this? It's a great freaking song, that's why!

Furniture, "Love Your Shoes"

How this song escaped me in the 80s is anyone's guess, but I'm glad I've discovered it. The uploader apologized for the vinyl crackling, but I think it adds a certain 80s je ne sais quoi. Sounds like something I would have heard on CFNY.

Adam Lambert, "Is Anybody Listening?"

Season Eight AI contestant Adam Lambert probably won't win--he's a little too weird for mainstream America, I think. Still, I quite like his voice and stage presence, and I hope he sticks around for Broadway week, based especially on this clip. Here he is in the musical The Ten Commandments, starring Val Kilmer as Moses. (The idea of Val Kilmer as Moses makes me want to snicker, and I consider myself a fan.)