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Saturday, July 22, 2006

YouTube vids...

The History of Adrian Borland and the Sound: A YouTube Montage

A few weeks (months?) back, I complained about The The's search-engine unfriendly name. The Sound's name isn't much better in that regard. (To make matters worse, there is now a band called The Sounds!) This isn't really a video, but a short PowerPoint-esque presentation I found when I searched for "Borland." Of course, I had to wade through a bunch of Limp Bizkit crap.

Now that you know the story of the band and the sad story of its lead singer, here's an OGWT clip from 1981. I actually found this at another site that's listed below.
The Sound, "Sense of Purpose"

The Teardrop Explodes, "Treason"

I wish YouTube had been around when I first started my 80s list. This great song was #43.

Peter Godwin, "Images of Heaven"

...and this one was #62. There were two versions of this video. This is the PG-13 rated version.

Jon Auer/Mark Burgess, "Tears"

Mark Burgess was in Atlanta on June 14th?!?!?! *&^&%&&@^%$#@!$%
Here's video proof. :( (Well, :) for the video itself. No matter, we probably wouldn't have been able to go anyway. Mark Burgess, if you're reading this, please come back to the Southeast soon. I missed you in 2002 and 2006. Don't make me wait until 2010!)
(In any case, in this live clip, Jon Auer covers The Chameleons' "Tears" and is joined onstage by Mark Burgess mid-song. This is so freaking cool.)

More Mark Burgess...

The Chameleons, "Second Skin" (Live)

In the course of writing this entry, I found this neat website:
Yum squared, you might like this.
And Yum, this one is for you:

Front 242, "Headhunter"

Uh, WTF?!?!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

More stoof...

Shack, Cup of Tea
In an earlier post, I linked to a video of the Pale Fountain's "Jean's Not Happening," while moaning the lack of Shack on YouTube. Well, two months later and finally Shack is represented on the 'Tube. Here is "Cup of Tea," a song from their new CD, The Corner of Miles and Gils. Of course, there hasn't been a US release yet for TCoMaG, and since their last CD, Here's Tom with the Weather, was never released Stateside, I'm not holding my breath. Instead, I'm patientally waiting for our post-nuptial trip to Londontown.

Kids in the Kitchen, "Current Stand"
Not to be confused with Kids in the Hall or Kitchens of Distinction, Kids in the Kitchen hailed from Australia and made music in the Johnny Hates Jazz and Cutting Crew vein. I love my sophisti-pop! Anyway, this is one super-duper obscurity.

Cat video
I don't know what makes this 33-second cat video so appealing, but 84,000+ views show that I'm not alone. Awwww...

Adventures, "Broken Land"

Oh. My. God.
Still another "I found them first on Night Flight" band, The Adventures were previously mentioned on my still-to-be-completed best of the 80s list at #45 with this great song about the Troubles in N. Ireland. Here's the video, recently added to the 'Tube.

This is freaky...
Like I just said, "Broken Land" placed at #45 on my list, tied with Figures on a Beach's "Delerium." Well, the same user who uploaded "Broken Land" also uploaded my runner-up choice for FoaB, "No Stars." Kick ***...

Figures on a Beach, "No Stars"

Here's Paste Magazine's list of the 100 Best Living Songwriters:

Like so many of these lists, this one seems to invite the "OH MY GOD HOW COULD YOU LEAVE OFF [insert name of your favorite songwriter here]!!!1111!!!!" response, but really, WTF is this?
I'm glad to see Jay Farrar on there, but he's too freaking low.
No Paul Weller. (How could you omit the father of Britpop? While we're at it, where is Damon Albarn?)
No Billy Bragg. (I'm not as big of a Bragg fan as I was five years ago, but his body of work should have got him on here.)
No Neil Finn. (No, this is not the rant of a fangirl. No one writes better love songs than Neil.)
No Lloyd Cole. (Okay, possibly a fangirl rant, but jeez, his lyrics on the Rattlesnakes LP alone should have merited a spot on the list.)

Still a couple of inclusions make this list even worth debating:
Ron Sexsmith at 75! Woot!
Josh Ritter at 97 (Give him a few years and he'll be even higher.)