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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Parental Discretion Advised post

Martha Wainwright, "You Cheated Me"

No embedding allowed. So clicky here.

You should have seen me in my car this morning, singing this tune at the top of my lungs. As I neared work, I toned down my act, for fear of having someone I know pull up to my car at a light and seeing me act like a fool. An out of tune fool at that.

Okay, this video fits with today's theme 'cause this link above is the "explicit" version. At the 1:45 mark, you can see why. What I don't get is why the title includes "closed-captioned." I don't see any. Do you?

#5--Mark Rylance

Okay, Mark Rylance is an obvious choice for today's theme since his best known role might be his leading turn in Intimacy, a movie in which he not only is buck nekkid, but is also seen receiving fellatio (by Kerry Fox, the evil female roommate in Shallow Grave). No CGI. That takes, pardon the pun, balls.

But that's not why he's on the list. When he won this year's Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play (beating out heavyweights like Patrick Stewart and Lawrence Fishburne), in his acceptance speech, he didn't thank his mom, wife, agent, dog, lawyer, 3rd grade art teacher, etc. In fact, he didn't thank anyone. Instead, he read a poem from Minnesotan prose poet Louis Jenkins. Like I said, he's ballsy, and I found his non-conformist speech endearing.

A couple other notes on Rylance:
He's English, but was educated in the States at a prep school in Wisconsin where his father was headmaster.
He was artistic director of the Globe Theater for ten years--but has publicly stated that he believes Shakespeare's works were not written by Shakespeare.
I first saw him on screen in Angels and Insects, another sexually charged film.

I promise the next entry will be more family-friendly. I might even blog about the Olympics...but if I do that, I'll have to include the story of the female Greek water polo player and her boob slip.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Of Field Mice and good-looking men

The Field Mice. Love this song.

#6--Raul Esparza
Raul Esparza losing to David Hyde Pierce at the 2007 Tonys is the Great White Way's version of Brokeback Mountain losing the Best Picture Oscar to Crash. (Serious stage-philes get really riled up when this perceived injustice is brought up.) Now, I've always liked Pierce, whose Niles Crane was one of the most memorable sitcom characters of recent memory. But Esparza is so unbelievably sexy and talented as Bobby in Company, that I was outraged after only seeing his Tony Awards performance To see (and hear) for yourself, here is the YouToob clip:

Esparza was also featured on a couple of episodes of Pushing Daisies, paired with another talented Broadway thespian, Kristen Chenoweth. Rumor has it that he will reappear next season and that he and Chenoweth might--fingers crossed--sing! (I kind of gave up on that show, which I found to be horribly cloying, but I'd tuned in for that duet!)
YouToob of Esparza on PD:

What the **** of the day?
Some guy in Florida called 911 after Subway left the sauce off his sandwich. Um, okay, seriously? Here's what I don't understand. I eat more Subway than Jared, so I know the Subway ordering process. YOU tell the employee (sandwich artist, in their euphemistic terms) what you want on the sandwich. So if there's no sauce, it's your own darn fault! Sigh.

My sister, who spent ten years of her life answering 911 calls, told me once about a lady who called wanting to know what beans to put in her three-bean salad. When my sister firmly told her that the line was reserved for emergencies, the lady responded, "Well, it's three in the morning, so I didn't know who else to call."

Pictures of the day: Pics my hubby took in the US Southwest: