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Saturday, February 10, 2007


Well, just as I suspected, a big chunk of my favorites playlist has now gone to YouTube Heaven.


Well, at least there was one good thing I discovered on the Tube today: a Thrashing Doves video. 'Bout freaking time.

Thrashing Doves, Matchstick Flotilla

This is not my favorite TDoves song, but it will have to do. I especially love the Roaring Boys reference by the commentator.

Off to go mope...darn Viacom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was able to find alternate versions for some of my missing YouTube faves. But it still blows. I mean, I noticed that they're deleting entire users now. For example, Rubellen's account was suspended. That means no more Hilary, Trees, Shox Lumania Little Girls, Polyrock, and Vision. :(

I liked the sporadic keyboard bleeps from the Thrashing Doves song.

4:11 AM  

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