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Friday, February 02, 2007

Long live YouTube...

The Viacom vs. YouTube news is kinda scary. I can't imagine my life without the Tube. Well, I'd probably get more work done instead of looking at "**** in a Box" for the umpteenth time, but anyway...
Minimal commentary today--just some video goodies.

Chris DeBurgh, "High on Emotion"

Yeah, yeah, it's the "Lady in Red" guy, but this song predates that maudlin piece of crap by a couple years. When I saw this video today, I realized that I hadn't heard this song in over twenty years (TWENTY YEARS!!! AM I THAT OLD?) and it's still a damn catchy tune.

Dominatrix, "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight"

Two words: Night Flight
Someday, I'm going to write that ode to Night Flight.
Another one that makes me internally scream "It's been twenty years?!?!?" I'm not ashamed to admit that finding this video on the Tube brought a tear to my eye. It's not because of the song, which honestly is not too good, but rather because of the memories of a disaffected Goth kid with insomnia sitting in front of a TV in the middle of the night.

Crowded House, "Weather With You"

More on the Crowdies later, either in this entry or a future one, but let me say now that I'm not a huge fan of this song's studio version, but this clip from Farewell to the World (Best. Concert. Video. Ever.) is nothing short of amazing. I love the guitar tete-a-tete at 0:43 and 2:50. And Tim's entrance? I shrieked "Tim!!!" at my TV the other night as if he could hear me or something.

Everything but the Girl, "Driving"

Do you remember my Onion World anecdote earlier? This clip was from the same show. I've never been a huge fan of EbtG ("Missing"= Bleh), but I have always loved this song, and this is an interesting version.

The Tragically Hip, "Ahead by a Century"

This song makes me cry. Instead of mourning my lost childhood, I mourn my mid-twenties...okay, let me lighten the mood here. No hand farting, I promise...

The Decemberists, "16 Military Wives"

I freaking love this song and video. "I declare war...on Luxembourg." Colin Meloy, you rock. He's kinda cute, too.

Oh, yeah, I like movies, too. Here's a top nineteen of 2006:

1. United 93
2. Borat
3. Little Miss Sunshine
4. Letters from Iwo Jima
5. Children of Men
6. Tristram Shandy
7. The Queen
8. Dreamgirls
9. Eight Below
10. L’Enfant
11. Akeelah and the Bee
12. C.R.A.Z.Y.
13. Down to the Bone
14. The Devil and Daniel Johnston
15. When the Levees Broke
16. The Syrian Bride
17. 49 Up
18. The Road to Guantanamo
19. Tsunami: The Aftermath


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't imagine my life without the Tube, either. Well, actually, I can. But it would still suck.

Chris DeBurgh, "High on Emotion" -- I like the "High-ee-ya-ee..." part.

Dominatrix, "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" -- Excellent stuff. I posted this video in RT journal last summer and remember saying something to the effect that if I ever got the chance to direct a music video, it would look exactly like "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight."

Crowded House, "Weather With You" -- Man, that's a lot of Aussies. :D

Everything but the Girl, "Driving" -- I heard this song in a movie recently but can't quite figure which one. Grrr.

The Tragically Hip, "Ahead by a Century" -- Heard this about five times a day on The Edge when it came out. I recall digging the drumming on this song.

The Decemberists, "16 Military Wives" -- Rushmore meets... uh, okay, it reminds me of just Rushmore. Nevertheless, it's a cool video.

I've only seen seven from your movie list. Though, six are in the top ten.

Hmmm, I see you got Little Miss Sunshine on there. *thumbs up* I didn't expect that.

I forgot ask if you liked C.R.A.Z.Y. Well, after seeing your list, I guess you did.

The latter part of your list is so serious. What gives? Just kidding. There's plenty of tomfoolery in the top ten to balance things out.

Did d. like Dreamgirls? ;)

6:31 AM  
Blogger Karim Amir said...

I thought I remember you posting "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight"! Anyway, I knew it would be something you dug.

d. didn't like Dreamgirls, but to his defense, we were at a weird screening.

I loved the second half of C.R.A.Z.Y. Obviously, I liked the the first half, too, but the second half was freaking amazing.

The latter half of the list is serious? Well, United 93 is my top movie, and that's probably more serious than everything else put together. :p

I don't remember your review Little Miss Sunshine, so I did a search on RT and saw that you posted it in mid-August. I was galavanting around Europe at that time.

6:03 PM  
Blogger Karim Amir said...

Edit: I sometimes forget how big The Hip are in Canada. Five times a day? Justin Timberlake gets played five times a day here, but if I mention The Hip, the most common response I get is "WHO?!?!"

6:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the whole "Viacom vs. YouTube" thing. But my favourite YouTube user, Ruebellen, has just had hundred or so of their videos removed because of copyright infringment. And since more than half the videos from my up coming music video list were uploaded by Ruebellen, it looks like my list is in jeopardy. :(

By the way, copyright infringement?!? Because of YouTube, I discovered dozens of bands that I wouldn't have heard otherwise. If anything, YouTube helps obscure bands from the '80s. Ahh, bullocks.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weird Dreamgirls screening? Do tell.

Even though I saw C.R.A.Z.Y. more than a year ago, I do remember that the second half of the film involved that cool chick with the freckles and the Bauhaus posters. So, yeah, I agree, it was freaking amazing. :)

Okay, your whole list is serious, with sprinklings of funny here and there. :D

7:11 PM  
Blogger Karim Amir said...

The Rubellen videos on my playlist are still there...for now. I'm really surprised ole Angelique is still up and running. *crosses fingers*

Viacom--I think--owns MTV, so I've been worried that all the old 120 Minutes videos would be gone. So far, the biggest change I've noticed is the deletion of most South Park videos.

RStrathfield's videos are deleted a few weeks back. :( :( There goes all those good Aussie videos.

The Dreamgirls screening? Well, it was really annoying because there was a busload of senior citizens from a group home. Some of them must have been hard of hearing because the version of the film we saw had SUBTITLES. Now, I'm not trying to be insensitive, but why would hard of hearing people choose to see a MUSICAL? And these were really annoying subtitles...they were almost right in the middle of the screen!
The screening was only 1/3 full, but during Hudson's big scene, the senior citizens started applauding, which d. found to be strange.
Oh, did I mention that d. hates musicals?
*waiting for his "I do not!" response--oh, yeah, that's right, he doesn't look at my blog...*

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, good thing he doesn't look at your blog. ;)

Shall I say it? Nah, I've said it before. One day we'll see a musical together and I'll love it. I seem to like the pre-code musicals more than anything since, but I know you won't watch any of those.

I don't remember C.R.A.Z.Y. Was that a Netflix?

11:30 PM  

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