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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Silly Name, Great Song

Okay, I've had to rearrange my list, so the next entry will appear shortly...but not in this entry.

YouTube clip o' the day: Seona Dancing, "More to Lose"
Ricky Gervais fans know he's reluctant to talk about his new wave past. Based on the quality of this song, I have no idea why. This is freaking fabulous!

Apparently, this song was HUGE in the Philippines. You can read about it on Wikipedia, dear readers. And Ricky, the next time you're interviewed and you squirm when the interviewer mentions Seona Dancing, think about YouTube commenter MoChua had to say:
"This was good (as with most "new wave" hits of the 80's). Sad to say that Ricky seems quite ashamed of this phase of his young(er) life. Nothing to be ashamed of, Ricky. A lot of 80's teens made out/lost their virginity to this song."

As promised, my "pre-Rudy G. NYC anecdote"
Trips to the great metropolis of NYC were not that common in my childhood even though I grew up in the state of New York. I try to explain to people, especially those who think New York State and New York City are one in the same, that NYC was hours away, and if we wanted a trip to a big city, we'd head up to the much cleaner, much friendlier Toronto (suck up alert--hey Yummers).
So, one summer, when I was about eight, we took a trip to the Big Apple. My parents were trying to figure out in which hotel we were going to stay. The discussion turned into a bit of an argument when my dad suggested we stay in a place that my mom said had cockroaches. Now as an inquisitive kid who had never seen a cockroach, I didn't find this bit of information disgusting. In fact, I wanted to see one. But for whatever reason, so I kept my mouth shut. Dad won the debate, and we wound up in the lobby of the hotel that (supposedly) had cockroaches, but they were sold out of rooms. When I heard this news, I squealed, as eight year olds do, "Awwww, I wanted to see a cockroach!!" Um, let's just say that my parents hauled ass out of that lobby.

Having lived in the South, I know that cockroaches (and their kin, palmetto bugs) are, well, to use an informal term from the 80s, grody.

Picture of the day:
KAmir vs. the printer

I finally got a printer in my office and what happens? The stupid thing leaked all over my hands. :( This was my hand after a half-hour's worth of washing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! Seona Dancing!

The fact that Ricky is ashamed of his "new wave past" makes me like him less.

Nice cockroach anecdote. "I wanted to see a cockroach!!" :D I bet you don't hear that phrase everyday.

Oh, and no wonder you were so skittish back when I did an entry centered around Mimic and Mimic 2.

You hand looks like something you might see in the Saw or Hostel franchises. ;)

4:28 AM  

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