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Friday, July 10, 2009

Favorites of the aughts, 59-50

Fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Belated 4th.

Ich habe mir ein neues Auto gekauft. Ganz toll.

Oh, yeah, listy...

59 Line of Beauty, The (Saul Dibb, 2006)
58 Almost Famous (Cameron Crowe, 2000)
57 Dear Frankie (Shona Auerbach, 2004)
56 You Can Count on Me (Kenneth Lonergan, 2000 )
55 Last King of Scotland, The (Kevin Macdonald, 2006)
54 Capote (Bennett Miller, 2005)
53 Junebug (Phil Morrison, 2005)
52 In the Bedroom (Todd Field, 2001)
51 Closer (Mike Nichols, 2004)
50 Atonement (Joe Wright, 2007)

James McAvoy continues his strong showing on my list.


Blogger Yum-Yum said...

Cool car. It looks like a Mazda. (I don't know much about cars. To be honest, I was mostly admiring the amount of greenery in the background.)

"Ganz toll" means well done.

Ha Ha. You have a Kate Hudson flick on your list. ;)

Are you an Infamous fan? (You know, the other Capote movie.)

Shona Auerbach: More gynocentricism. :D

Call me insane, but the only film I'd watch again out of this group is Dear Frankie. Okay, I'd watch Almost Famous again, but only for Zooey-related purposes.

Speaking of insane, I wonder if Kevin Macdonald wore his Jerry Sizzler wig while filming the Last King of Scotland. ;)

9:55 PM  
Blogger Karim Amir said...

Thanks. It is a Mazda. In fact, it's replacing a Mazda, which was my car for the last ten years. D. has a Mazda, too. Brand loyalty!

We live in a place with a lot of flora. Fauna, too, including all the geese by the lake.

Kate Hudson in Almost Famous? As my wise father once told me, even a blind squirrel can find an acorn sometimes.

I watched about a half hour of Infamous. Couldn't watch any more.

I have a very soft spot for Dear Frankie, as I appreciate well-done sentimentality. I wish Gerald Butler would go back to movies like this instead of 300.

Jerry Sizzler. Hee.

Toronto still smelly?

6:35 PM  
Blogger Yum-Yum said...

Duel Mazada's? Sweet. I bet Mr. D. drives one of them sporty Miata's. Anyway, I respect brand loyalty.

Very wise, indeed. (I don't hear sayings like that in my neck of the woods.)

I just asked because I hear there's a small yet vocal group out there who prefer Infamous over Capote. And obviously you're not one of them.

It's not exactly smelly. But there is a busted toilet, a ratty looking couch and a television languishing on the curb outside my window.

10:13 PM  

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